The Studio

Our team of certified instructors

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Pilates logiciel de gestion

Our pilates studio welcomes you!

My team of certified instructors respects your fitness goals and needs and it's all done with good spirit and fun!
Nathalie Cadotte has created a friendly environment where training is motivating. The studio has all the facilities of a fitness center. A changing cabin with locker room, washroom and a shower are available for your convenience.
A competent, dynamic and attentive team ready to restore mobility, flexibility and strength to your body. We work with any population, regardless of the age or physical condition. We will be able to meet your needs thanks to our expertise.See the classes)

  • Please shut off your phone before entering the studio and leave it in your locker along with your personal effects.
  • Laisse tes souliers à l’entrée du studio ou au vestiaire.
  • Group classes: Please cancel your class 24h in advance in order to use it later.
  • Private classes: Please cancel your private class 24h before otherwise, you will be charged for it.

In order to serve your better, make sure your classes are booked in advance and respect your schedule.