Why train with us ?

Some of my clients were kind enough to share their experience at my studio. They greatly reduced their muscle and joint pain, increased their flexibility and enjoyed greater muscle strength. Pilates allowed them to have a better quality of life, to do the activities they love and to increase their level of HAPPINESS! We love that ♥!

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Taline K.

Nathalie, you have created a studio to your image, surrounded by a team who shares your passion, your love for life, your enthousiasm and craziness! Thank you !

Rachelle C.

After just a few months, my pain has disappeared! Not long after, I realized how well I felt in my body and how much this training was an anti-stress!

Robert D.

I have been practicing Pilates for several years with Nathalie. I didn't think I was capable of being so active. I even thought I would have to give up golf. I felt a constant back pain and had some difficulty sleeping. Since I started Pilates, I'm more flexible, I have better energy, my back pain is almost forgotten. And my golf has IMPROVED! Nathalie and her team are gems and it is without hesitation that I recommend her studio.

Anne B.

With MS, I lost the ability to do many things, especially doing the sports I love. Since I discovered Pilates I haven't been this fit for a long time. I've been going to Pilates Nathalie Cadotte for the last two years now. It is with an openmind and respect that Mel, my instructor continiously adapts my classes to my condition which helps me improve. Thank you Melanie to keep on educating yourself and finding new ways to maximize my efforts.

Chantal B.

Nathalie is dynamic, positive, patient and ultra professional!

 I don't practice much sports and I am nearly 60 years old. Coming to do Pilates with her gives me an incredible boost! Nathalie takes into account my state of health and is always listening to my needs. And the most important thing is that we laugh a lot ! We have a lot of fun while suffering a little. 🤪

Diane G.

Why change a winning formula?! The whole team is energetic and professional with particular attention to our physical constraints. It's been a long time since I wanted to try pilates and now I adopted it, but in fact, it's the wonderful team that I adopted . They do me a lot of good both physically and psychologically. Thank you for being who you are each and everyone of you.

Claire C.

I have been a regular at the studio for over three years. Even during the pandemic, the difficult situation the studio was in did not discourage Nathalie. With her energy and creativity, she has distinguished herself and taken the right initiatives. She has been my coach since the beginning. She listens and understands my needs very well. We became pilates friends. I would not hesitate to recommend the studio. Cheer!

Monique D.

I really appreciated my class at your studio. Noémie is really dynamic and taught me a stimulating class.

Jacynthe T.

At my first class with Letizia, I was delighted by her kindness, her professionalism and her attention to my bionic knee…LOLL! I liked the beautifully decorated studio and how clean it was, quite a change from my old gym!!!

Clare Dunphy-Amani​

I met Nathalie Cadotte during a 4-day summer course that I taught in August 2014. Since then, she regularly attends my workshops. More recently, Nathalie participated in my Advanced Teaching Seminar which is a one year Masters program. I had the great pleasure to be invited to her studio in Montreal in 2016 to teach a weekend workshop and meet her fantastic staff. She is a tireless leader in her community and understands the importance of keeping true to the work. Nathalie’s dedication to classical work of Joe Pilates has made a difference in a countless number of people’s lives. As a 2nd generation teacher from Romana Kryzanowska back to Joe Pilates himself, I highly recommend Nathalie and her well qualified staff and I am pleased to recognize Nathalie officially as a 3rd generation teacher.“

Jocelyne V.

Hi Nathalie, a small note to say how much I appreciated your human and professional approach. This makes me want to go back and gain a feeling of wellness in my body.

Monique F.

Here is my comment following my last Pilates class, everything was perfect and I find the staff very competent.

I am very pleased to have chosen this wonderful center and to my great satisfaction I am beginning to see changes in my body which are very encouraging for the physical issues that are troubling me.  

And ..... thank you for being attentive to this problem, you are professional, understanding and the atmosphere spells (((( Happiness )))).“

« Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. » – Joseph H. Pilates